Teresa Kupiec (Hinton) Class of 2011


Teresa Kupiec (Hinton) Class of 2011

Major: Network Administration

Employer: Decatur Memorial Hospital

Employer City: Decatur

Employer State: Illinois

Position: Infrastructure Manager

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I am an on-the-go person from the time I wake up until the moment I close my eyes and I go to sleep! I am currently the Infrastructure Manager for a 300-bed hospital in Decatur, IL. I have been employed at DMH since 12 days prior to graduating from Morrison Tech! Outside of my career, I am a wife and mother to two children. In all of my spare time, I am also presently on the school board for a local private school here in Decatur. As well I am involved in children's and women's ministries at my home church.

My experience at Morrison Tech allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone. Prior to coming to Morrison, I had no intentions of being in the IT field. Once I moved 2.5 hours away from home and started to grasp what was being taught I knew that I could make a career out of the networking field! Between the apartment-style dorms and personable staff, I felt like a had a second family for the years that I attended. The small class sizes and specified training allows you to get away from all of the extra "fluff" provided at a typical community college or university.

I have hundreds of hours of projects under my belt. For 6 years my position was a systems analyst, which meant I worked with vendors to install then maintain applications throughout the hospital.

My biggest project to date was assisting with an implementation of a new Electronic Health Record system. It was a 24-month project that affected each and every person employed by the organization at that time. A large undertaking that had bumps, but in the end was successful!