Robert Godwin Class of 1986

Robert Godwin

Robert Godwin Class of 1986

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Self Employed

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After graduation I found a job as a Draftsman at a machine shop in Urbana Il. R.L. Brownfield Co. Inc.; where I detailed structural steel, stairs, and handrails. My good friend and former room-mate Dave Knupple moved to town after getting a job at the steel company right down the road from me. Our friends Paul and Tony visited us often, and it was like "dorm life" at MIT never ended.

The party ended in August of 1988 when I moved to San Antonio Texas, and began work as a Detailer / Estimator and a small Steel Construction Company called Construction Metal Products located in Kyle TX.

I moved back to Illinois in 1994 and began working for a Houston based company, NCI Building Systems, in Mattoon as a sales person, estimator, project manager, then a draftsman.

As of April 2009 I am currently self-employed working on a contract basis as a draftsman detailing Sheet Metal Roofing and Siding, as well as structural steel for construction projects nationwide.