Paul Baele Class of 2005

Paul Baele

Paul Baele Class of 2005

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Missman, Inc.

Employer City: Bettendorf

Employer State: Iowa

Position: Municipal Engineering Technician /Design

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I graduated from Morrison Institute of Technology in 2005 and have been working in the Civil Engineering design field since. Upon graduating I started with a firm located in Peoria, IL and gained a lot of experience and knowledge in entry level design and layout for large site development. Since then I have returned to the Quad Cities and am currently employed at Missman, Inc. I have acquired much knowledge and experience in working with local municipalities and governing entities. The majority of projects that I am assigned to are local within the Quad City Metro area. My typical responsibilities are layout and design based of road and waterways. This includes design, grading, drainage analysis, utility coordination and specification writing to name the majority of responsibilities I tend to.
While working I have also begun to seek out furthering my education and am currently enrolled in Blackhawk College and Western Illinois University Civil Engineering program in pursuit of my bachelor’s degree. Morrison Institute of Technology has been a great help in grasping the key concepts of the work that I do now on a daily basis.