Mary (Melton) Girven Class of 1989

Mary (Melton) Girven

Mary (Melton) Girven Class of 1989

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Sandia National Laboratories

Employer City: Albuquerque

Employer State: New Mexico

Position: Member of Technical Staff

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When I graduated from Morrison Institute of Technology in 1989 I was hired by Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque. I had no idea how far my new career would take me, literally! About 10 years ago I began a new project at Sandia that supported an international treaty, and eventually I was hired by the brand new treaty organization and my husband and I moved to Vienna, Austria. We're back in Albuquerque now, and I'm still supporting the treaty. Deciding to go to MIT was one of the best decisions of my life!

A lot has changed since I retired from Sandia National Laboratories in 2010.  I am the CEO of three of my own businesses and the V.P. of Information Technology in a new fourth business.  I am generally more busy these days than when I worked at Sandia, but I'm having a lot more fun being my own boss.