Eric Neumann Class of 2004

Eric Neumann

Eric Neumann Class of 2004

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Read Excavating

Employer City:  Gilberts

Employer State:  Illinois

Position: Head of Surveying Dept.

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Morrison Institute of Technology was a great experience both educational and personally.  I met tons of great people and friends which most of I'm still friends with today including my wife who you know as Rachel Carlson.  We have been married since 2008.  The education that I received at Morrison Institute of Technology, helped me get my foot in the door with my first job that I interviewed for at Morrison Institute of Technology.  Schleede Hampton & Associates, a consulting engineering firm where I worked as a field and lab tech for a year during which I made great contacts, received a ton of field experience and earned a great reputation.  That lead me to my next job at Read Excavating as one of their GPS surveyors which is where I currently work today.  Through a lot of hard work and an odd series of events,  I have made my way up to head of the Surveying Department with them.  I hope the best to all my fellow classmates and future students of Morrison Institute of Technology.