Deanna (Heath) Jaramillo Class of 1989

Deanna Heath Jaramillo

Deanna (Heath) Jaramillo Class of 1989

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Sandia National Laboratory

Employer City: Alburquerque

Employer State: New Mexico

Position: Mechanical Designer

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At this time, 2016, I have been with Sandia for 26+ years. I've returned to college in pursuit of me BSME degree. I am still doing a lot of design work in both SolidWorks and CREO. I am the subject matter expert for design drafting in my department and center. Sandia is a great place to work and the area is breathtaking. I grew up in a very small farm town in Illinois and moved to a big city which was a huge change but I pushed through like many of the past alumni. It has been great meeting some of the newest alumni and talking about how much MIT has changed over the years. My husband drag races through out the southwest and we have 5 beautiful children. I thank the Lord above for showing me this path because it has been a blessing.