Andrew Keenan Class of 1976

Andrew Keenan

Andrew Keenan Class of 1976

Major: Engineering Technology

Employer: Prestress Engineering Co. LLC

Employer City: Prairie Grove

Employer State: Illinois

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I still keep in contact with a few class mates. I found MIT to be very rewarding. We(our)company have hired MIT graduates and have found them to be very prepared. I am married (wife Debbie) with three children. Derek (30)  out of the Army graduated from Western Illinois and is working as a police officer for the Federal Reserve Board in Chicago. Jeni (27) graduated from University of Illinois and is working for John Deere in Davenport. My youngest Drew (25) graduated from Southern Illinois with a Masters degree in Business and is also working for John Deere in Cedar Fall Iowa. I have been gainfully employed for 35 years with Prestress Engineering Co. LLC a Precast Concrete Company and hope to finish my career doing the same ( God Willing ). A few of us would like to start talking about a class reunion, so should you read this help out and send me an e-mail and I will keep you informed