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What is Network Administration? Often called Network Administrators or Systems Administrators, are the people tasked with keeping computer networks up to date and operating smoothly. This includes design, setup, troubleshoot and support all of the computer networks for organizations that depend on their computer infrastructure. Think about how many companies and businesses rely on computer networks…….now, think about all of those job opportunities!

What does a Network Administrator do? Network Admins are responsible for many different areas of the computer network infrastructure. They can be responsible for:

  • Setting up a new network

  • Upgrading an existing network

  • Monitor and maintain network security

  • Install new hardware and software

  • Provide support for the employees that use the network

  • Recommend timely upgrades to meet future demands on the network

What will you learn in our Network Administration program? Our program covers a wide range of topics that are essential for Network Administrators including:

  • Basic computer operations

  • Computer hardware

  • Operating systems

  • Troubleshooting

  • LAN based network and equipment

  • WAN fundamentals

  • Internet fundamentals

  • Communication skills

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