Morrison Tech to Invest in Technology Upgrades

Keeping up on current technology is a difficult task in the ever-changing world we live in. Constantly evolving technology trends also make it difficult to choose the best direction when the time comes to update. Add to it the complications of implementing new technology with existing infrastructure and the sometimes staggering financial investment, knowing when to make upgrading a priority and when to wait takes a lot of planning and research.

This year Morrison Tech has decided to make a major investment in technologies in three key areas of our campus. The college is currently planning a $50,000 plus upgrade in technologies in the Network Administration Program, the Design and Drafting computer labs and in the new Innovation Center.

The Network Admin program will be getting a major upgrade in hardware this year. New workstations and networking hardware will be added to the program’s classrooms to give students the opportunity to work on the most current technology. This will give them an advantage when they enter the workforce having worked with a wide range of technologies during their education.

The Design and Drafting computer labs will be getting new workstations this year. Each year the CAD programs used by our students are upgraded and each year they require more performance from the workstations they are loaded on. The new workstations will boot up faster, have faster processors and much better graphic performance, giving students the best experience while using the CAD software required for their classwork.

The Innovation Center building has been getting quite a bit of press lately but as nice as the building is, the equipment that will be inside of it is what we are most excited about. There will be 4 different areas in the building that will be receiving new equipment, some of which has already been delivered and is waiting for the construction to finish. The main categories of equipment that are being added are; CNC equipment, woodworking equipment, 3D printers and robotics equipment. All of this equipment will be used to supplement the curriculum in the Design and Drafting programs and also give all of our students a place to build projects that they have envisioned.