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Mechanical Engineering Technology Student


Home town – East Moline, IL

2017 graduate


What is my career goal?

I would like to return to college and pursue a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering Degree.  I feel that working in the industry for a few years will benefit this goal.

Activities I participated in at Morrison Tech- I was the president of student government, student ambassador and an RA.  We also put together park league kickball and volleyball

Why I chose MIT? I wanted to receive my degree as soon as possible and start working right away. I heard about the great job placement so I was hooked. Also the dorms looked fantastic!


What advice do I have for incoming students: My advice would be to get out and be involved. It might not seem like there's not much to so there but if you apply yourself you'll have a great time.

Also go to class!!

As a recent graduate where are you employed at? I'm an Engineering Drafter for Mi-T-M in Peosta, IA. There I will be preparing assembly and detailed drawings as well as doing different calculations under the instructions of a project engineer MIT in

5 words to describe Morrison Tech - Hands-on, pleasant, expansive, challenging and life-altering

Besides obviously my degree, the most important thing the MIT gave me is the experience that came with it. It helped me grow both professionally and personally. I expanded my knowledge in the classrooms and I got to meet great people who became very dear to me. I would not have been able to do what I love as a career if it hadn't been for this school.