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Meet Morrison Tech's Class of 2022


Join us for Launch Day 2020

If you have been accepted to Morrison Tech – Congratulations!

Not enrolled?  Now's the time to find out if Morrison Tech is the right fit for you!

Join us on Launch Day July 22. 2020.  Meet your soon to be classmates, current students, faculty and staff.  Who knows??   You may even find someone you would like to dorm with.

The day begins at 10:30am and continues until 2:00pm

Bring your game face….competitive games will fill the day!

Trophies are on the line - everyone likes trophies!

Oh..AND... Lunch is on us!


Psst….the day is set up for you, the student.  If your parents drop you off we will have a list of area attractions and provide lunch at the Dairy Queen in town.

Questions?  Please contact Jodie at (815)772-7218 x 206

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