Engineering Tech Day 2018 – Prophetstown and Chadwick Middle School

engineering tech day 2018

Prophetstown and Chadwick Middle School 7th graders spent the day at Morrison Tech building paper towers, operating robots and prototyping whistles and screwdrivers.  Those were just a few of the activities taking place at Morrison Tech’s 7th Grade Applied Science and Engineering Day.   In 2014 the college introduced this event to inspire young students to follow academic and career paths in STEM – science, technology, engineering and math.

Morrison Tech faculty members and students opened their classrooms and labs to demonstrate different activities that engineering technologists perform.  The students engaged in various hands on activities, including: principles of building design, design process/prototype, manufacturing activity, construction materials and engineering lab bridge design.

The 7th Graders learn in combined groups how engineering technicians help society and what role they play in the engineering field. Alongside the hands on activities the students apply engineering habits of the mind such as collaborative, problem solving, creative, and critical thinking skills.

The event kicks off with a welcome from Mr. Chris Scott, President of the college.  Following the introduction to the college the students had three morning breakout sessions. After a break for lunch the students finished up with three more activities.  The day concluded with a wrap up from a faculty member.

As a premier engineering technology college, Morrison Tech is dedicated to STEM outreach for students.  “Our goal is to get them excited, “Scott said.  “When you get them to do that, it’s amazing.