Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit

Dual Credit courses give you the opportunity to earn credit for High School and College at the same time.  By taking our dual credit courses you will:

  • Learn by doing "hands-on" projects
  • See what Engineering Technology / Network Administration is about
  • Ease your way into college courses
  • Prepare yourself for possible internships
  • Learn from a nationally top-rated tech college

Apply Now - Spots are Limited

You do not have to wait to graduate high school to start classes at Morrison Tech!  Juniors and Seniors are eligible to Sign up for the dual credit program with your High School Counselor and jump-start your college career today!

Course Offerings

Classes are held on Morrison Tech Campus during the 8:00 to 9:00 time frame.

Engineering Tech

DT-108 Principles of Engineering - Fall Term

A project driven course that will introduce students to aspects of the different engineering technology fields, including mechanical, construction and civil engineering.  students will work in individual and group settings to complete a variety of projects including hands on activities that reinforce topics they are studying.  Skills that will be used include problem-solving, 3D Printing, robotics, teamwork, construction, and design.

DT-114 AutoCAD I - Spring Term

This course will provide an introduction to the use of Autodesk's AutoCAD software package.  It will present all basic 2D and 3D commands used for drawings, editing, display controls, layering, dimensioning, and plotting.  It will also provide coverage of entity properties and handing and utilities.

DT-222 3D Modeling - Fall Term

This course covers 3D elements of the Autodesk software including the use of parametric solid modeling and surfacing, assembly modeling, creating 3D digital prototypes, and 2D orthographic development from 3D drawings.

DT-213 Architectural CAD

This course uses AutoDesk’s AutoCAD Architectural software package to create 3-dimensional models of multi-story commercial structures. The course includes topics such as creating walls, roof construction, door and window insertion, casework, symbols, schedules, stairs, documentation, 2D working drawings, and 3D presentation drawings.

Network Administration

NET-160 Operating Systems I - Fall Term

An introduction to Windows desktop and server operating systems including all currently supported versions.  Course content will include OS Architecture, planning and installation, network components, configuring, planning, optimization, managing, and troubleshooting.  Students will gain hands-on experience through various installation and configuration exercises.

NET-110 Computer Hardware- Spring Term

An introduction to the modern-day PC, operating systems, and the responsibilities of an IT technician.  The course content covers material required for the CompTIA a+ certification, including motherboards, memory, processors, input devices, storage devices, output devices, basic operating systems, troubleshooting, and configurations.  Students will gain hands-on experience through various installation and configuration exerciese.

NET-120 LAN Based Network Equipment & Design - Fall Term

An introduction to Linux operating systems and common server software.  Instructional topics will include planning and installation, OS Architecture, configuring, managing, security, storage, database servers, web servers, DNS servers, preventative maintenance, and administration.  Students will gain hands-on experience through various installation and configuration exercises. 

NET-170 Operating Systems II - Spring Term

An introduction to network design fundamentals.  The course design is based on the CompTIA Network+ topics including OSI reference model, LAN topologies, cabling systems, protocols, network design and planning, security, IP Addressing and subnetting, and LAN-based equipment. Students will gain hands-on experience through various wiring exercises.

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