Engineering Tech Day 2018 – Prophetstown and Chadwick Middle School

engineering tech day 2018

Prophetstown and Chadwick Middle School 7th graders spent the day at Morrison Tech building paper towers, operating robots and prototyping whistles and screwdrivers.  Those were just a few of the activities taking place at Morrison Tech’s 7th Grade Applied Science and Engineering Day.   In 2014 the college introduced this event to inspire young students to…

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A Career in Mechanical Engineering Technology

career in mechanical engineering technology

A two year degree in Engineering Technology with a specialization in Computer Aided Drafting & Design can lead to almost endless career opportunities. Students who graduate with this degree typically start out as Engineering Technicians within an Engineering Department. Technicians work to bring concepts and ideas to reality, working alongside the Engineers. The main difference…

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A Career in Construction Technology

career in construction technology

Construction Engineering Technology is a broad field that has many rewarding careers in several different areas of concentration. Construction Engineering Technologists work with engineers to turn ideas into workable plans used to create: roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams and other facilities.  The technologist will learn aspects of civil engineering, architectural engineering and project/construction…

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A Career in Network Administration

career in network administration

Admissions /Admissions Network Administration is a field of employment that combines both computers and technology.   This field of computer systems is a fun, fast changing world – behind each computer network is a Network Administrator who keeps things running smoothly. A Network Administrator is responsible for keeping an organization’s computer network up to date and…

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Fall Student Activities Highlights

fall student activities

The end of the Fall Semester at Morrison Tech is about much more than final exams. Students and Staff members have been busy lately with a variety of activities. Even with the semester coming to a close soon, there is still plenty more to do. On October 31st we hosted the American Red Cross for…

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Women in Engineering – STEM

Women in Engineering

Although males predominately fill the fields of mechanical  and civil  engineer technologists and networking IT females are making inroads into these careers. During the early 1980s, only 5% of engineers in the U.S. were women, it’s still currently low, at only 14%. Studies show that only 18-20% of Engineering students enrolled in college are females.…

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Join Us to Support Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is this Saturday, November 11 thru Saturday, November 19th  This week is a nationwide undertaking of  the National Coalition for the Homeless to promote education, action and awareness of hunger and homelessness. This awareness week is held each year the week before Thanksgiving.  That week is usually a time…

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Non Traditional Students find Pathways to Success

non traditional students

Admissions /Admissions   Within any college you may find non traditional students. A non traditional student is a student that did not enroll in college immediately after graduating High School.  Many have families and work to support these families while attending college.  Many have also made the difficult choice to give up a full time…

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Morrison Tech. Halloween Blood Drive

Halloween Blood Drive

Morrison Tech will host a blood drive Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. The students host blood drives throughout the year.  The next blood drive is scheduled for Spring of 2018.  Students, faculty and staff participate in the blood drive.  Last year the school alone donated 51 units.…

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Morrison Tech Student Ambassadors

Morrison Tech Student Ambassadors

Morrison Tech student Ambassadors are a volunteer group that hail from various high schools.  They all are very proud of attending Morrison Tech and want to share their pride of the college to others These Ambassadors connect with current students, prospective students and their families. They are able to offer a student perspective of the…

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