Benefits of a Technical College

Benifits of a Technical College

Many high school graduates are at a crossroads trying to decide between attending a technical college vs. university, and wondering which is better for their future? For many students it is just assumed that they will choose the four-year college road.
However, if you are focused on getting the exact training and skills you need to start your career sooner than four years a technical college may be the best choice. A technical college is the quickest path to a high paying career
Here are some key points worth considering, as you ask yourself “is a technical college the best choice for me?”

Benefits of a Technical College

  1. Students are more likely to graduate.  At a two-year community college, you will find graduation rates to be at 39%; a four-year university averages 59%. At Morrison Tech we have a graduation rate of 74%
  2. Financial Benefits. A degree from a technical college costs much less than a degree from a four-year university Morrison Tech is a two-year college which means at least two years less tuition and fees.  While other students are attending their Junior and Senior Year of college Morrison Tech grads are in the workforce earning a salary.
  3. Career Focused. At a four-year college a student must complete many general education hours in English, History, foreign language and humanities.  Morrison tech offers general education classes in English, Math and Sciences, these classes are taught to correlate to your major and are necessary to obtain your Associates Degree in Applied Science At a technical college you will not find an overabundant amount of general education classes – typically taught by reading books.  Tech colleges offer classes that are more hands on and career focused.  At Morrison Tech 64% of your curriculum is taught hands on.
  4. General Education classes that work. In most tech colleges you will find that the general education courses are taught to relate to the real world work environment.  Morrison takes their general education classes a step further by focusing on soft skills.  Soft skills are those of knowing to make it to work on time, the ability to communicate both verbally and written and the capability to work in a team environment.  In the current work environment employers are stating that they meet many applicants that do not have these skills.
  5. Smaller Class Sizes. Technical colleges typically have smaller enrollments, thus allowing for smaller class sizes.  This translates into individualized attention for students.  At Morrison Tech we have a 10:1 student ratio and all classes are taught by instructors
  6. The attributes of a technical college allow the Admissions Department to enroll students without the conventional profile those admitted to Colleges or Universities receive.  Students are admitted who show a high performance in hand on classes and a strong desire to innovate   Morrison Tech realizes that the standardized tests used to approve admittance at most universities is not a depiction of the success of a student or the knowledge the student maintains.
  7. High career placement. Tech colleges typically teach/instruct in areas that are in high demand. According to a Washington Post article only 27% of graduates from 4 year colleges/universities ­have a job related to their career.  That is not the case with Morrison Tech graduates.  Currently there is a 97% career placement rate – all in their field.   Employers visit the college and alums seek out graduates to fill empty positions in their area of business

Visit with Morrison Tech, and see how a Technical College can set you on the path for a bright future.

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