Additional SLA 3D Printer added to Prototype Lab

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sla 3d printerMorrison Tech adds to their prototyping equipment lineup

We would like to introduce you to the latest addition to our prototyping equipment, the Formlabs Form 2. This will will increase our stereolithography (or SLA) printer collection, that uses liquid resins instead of plastic filament. The resins are solidified by a laser to create each layer of the part being printed. The resins are designed to mimic the properties of a variety of plastics used in industry to create products. SLA technology has the ability to create parts with finer details than are possible with FDM (extrusion based) printers. It can do this because the resolution is defined by the optical spot size of the laser, which is smaller than the hole in the nozzle of the FDM style printers. What this means for us is we will now be able to print parts that have small features or that are thin walled that we couldn’t print with our current equipment. At times we have had to compromise design features based on the ability of the machine we were using to create the parts, the Form 2 will give us another option in the future.