Engineering Technology Automation & Intelligent Controls Processes Curriculum

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Beginning In Fall 2023

Engineering technology with an Automation & Intelligent Controls Processes Specialization is our new cutting-edge program addressing the newest manufacturing technologies.  Automation Engineering Technologists contribute to the engineering side of Automation and Intelligent Process Controls  These graduates are essential to not only the design of automated systems but also the maintenance and continuous improvements of these systems.  Skilled professionals in this area work not only with robotics and automation but in any complex intelligent system.

First Semester

The engineering technology workplace applies your CAD knowledge in a hands-on kind of way, our program is designed to  include hands on instruction.


Add a summer (sometimes longer) internship to gain work experience. Internships can turn into job offers.

Second Semester

Third Semester

Graduates with an Automation & Intelligent Controls Processes Specialization find employment with firms involved in manufacturing, engineering,  supply chain, distribution centers, and a variety of other industry sectors.


Fourth Semester