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A network administrator does not have to know the latest and greatest but they can never be too far behind the "bleeding edge" that defines cutting edge computer technology.

First Semester

The network administration program is designed to improve your chances of employment and prepare you to advance in your chosen field. Our technical courses provide the knowledge base required to enter and work in your chosen field. The associated communication courses provide training in those skill sets that increase your management potential.

Our Network Administration Program delivers hands-on instruction with excellent career placement opportunities. Focus on improving your skills, confident that the supporting coursework will help you to grasp those seemingly unrelated skills that are essential to excel in this critical field.


Second Semester

Third Semester

The workplace is hands on application shouldn’t education include hands on instruction.

The benefit of work experience can not be over stated.  An internship can provide that work experience.

Internships can turn into job offers.

Sometimes internships extend beyond the summer.

Fourth Semester