Engineering Technology CAD Curriculum

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Engineering technology with a Drafting & Design Specialization is focused on mechanical design, material application and properties. Experiences in manufacturing processes such as injection molding and small lot casting operations are supported by instruction in AutoCad, Unigraphics CAD including virtual tools such as finite element analysis (FEA), surface and assembly modeling.

First Semester

The engineering technology workplace applies your CAD knowledge in a hands-on kind of way, our program is designed to  include hands on instruction.


Add a summer (sometimes longer) internship to gain work experience. Internships can turn into job offers.

Second Semester

Third Semester

Graduates with a Drafting & Design Specialization find employment with firms involved in manufacturing, engineering, government agencies, drafting and design shops, machine welding shops, foundries, and product development.

Graduates with a Drafting & Design Specialization are employed in the fields of CAD operation and supervision, design drafting, preparation of specifications, product or project design, technical sales, quality control, materials inspection and testing, and management.

Fourth Semester