In an innovative approach to STEM camps, Morrison Tech is hosting a stem camp series for all age groups.  From elementary to high school, participants will find themselves engaged in hands-on projects led by Instructors of the college.  The camp will run from July 9 - July 11; 9am - noon. 

At the forefront of this camp's curriculum is a focus on practical applications of STEM concepts. High school students may choose to participate in a woodworking activity where they construct a toolbox out of mixed materials or they may find themselves forging with one of the college's various forges. Middle school students may participate in a 3D printing activity where they will design and print an object or they may also choose a woodworking project where they construct salad tongs.  Elementary students can dip their toes into the robotics arena.  All activities are hands-on.  

What sets this camp and college apart are its emphasis on personalized learning experiences.  By providing activities that are both challenging and accessible, participants are empowered to push their boundaries and discover their potential in STEM fields.

Beyond technical skills, the camp fosters invaluable soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and resilience. Participants learn to collaborate effectively, communicate their ideas, and push forward if they face challenges  – skills that are essential for success in any area of life.

As these types of camps continue to ignite both passion and curiosity in STEM fields across all age groups, they also demonstrate the transformative power of hands-on, inclusive education. 

You may register for Morrison tech’s Summer Stem Camp by following the link below.

Spaces are limited.  The cost of the camp varies per activity and will be found on the registration page.  For questions; please contact Admissions at or 815.772.7218 x206 

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