Suicide Awareness Month #BeThe1To

September is Suicide Awareness Month in the United States.  This is a time to share resources and stories, to bring to light this topic that unfortunately is stigmatized.

The number of suicides in the U.S.,for the year of 2017, were 47,173.  Over the last decade suicide deaths have sharpley increased by 25%. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States among all people over the age of 10.

Those who choose suicide leave behind their family members and friends to process this tragedy, to attempt to make sense of it, they are left in the dark with this type of loss.  Many times the stigma and shame prevent them from talking freely.

The only way to help prevent suicide is to bring awareness, to destigmatize the topic and to realize there is no shame involved. 

Suicide Statistics (USA)

  • Everday approximately 123 Americans die by suicide
  • There is one death every 12 minutes in the U.S.
  • Depression affects 20-25% of Americans age 18 and over
  • 80-90% of those that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully
  • An estimated quarter million people each year become suicide survivors

On Monday, September 9th, Morrison Tech was fortunate to have several individuals and agencies speak to their students regarding suicide and mental health.  Cheryl Robinson spoke about warning signs, what you can do when you see these signs, where you can turn for help and how to destigmatize this illness. Sara Eaker gave a personal account of losing her brother to suicide, how his loss affected their family and how the people you have left behind are not “better off” without you.  Maggie Wike and Tracy Brooks from the Whiteside area NAMI; National Association of Mental Illness, educated the group on signs of mental illness and organizations that are available to help. All four shared their personal stories of suicide or mental illness.

Morrison Tech is grateful to have had these individuals on campus to help spread the word on what we can do to help prevent suicide.  

Please remember if you or a loved one is suffering there are so many resources out there to help

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255

Text HOME to 741741; this is for any type of crisis

Sara ended her speech with a powerful message;

“So, if you are feeling upset, even if it seems silly to you, talk to someone. You have no idea how much hurt and heartache leaving this world will be for family and friends. Being on the other side is awful. Your family WILL miss you. And it is ok to not be ok. I have been there. I have been to a therapist. It’s OK! I take medication. Again it’s OK! Just talk to someone. Don’t ever feel you are alone or have no one to help you. Don’t give up, you are worth it. Your life IS worth it.”