You’re Here and You’re Hungry

There are many things that happen when you head off to college and independence is probably the largest and most important element that presents itself.  You are responsible for waking up on time, you are responsible for attending classes, you are responsible for homework and you are responsible to remain healthy and make good nutrition choices.  Remaining healthy is of the utmost importance, without your health you will struggle with the other responsibilities. A large factor in remaining healthy is to eat healthy.  

Unlike most college dorms, Morrison Tech has dorms that are set up as apartments with a kitchenette to cook at, thus there is not a cafeteria.  At other colleges you have a cafeteria and the student will purchase a meal plan. Morrison Tech offers no meal plan and you will learn to cook if you choose to live in the dorms.  That may be intimidating at first but you will soon adapt to it,especially if you are hungry!

There are a lot of benefits having a kitchenette in ones room.  The price of meal plans at public state universities will cost, on average, $4990 per year.  Add on the cost of a dorm room; at an average of $6811 per year and your cost rises to $11,801.  As scary as it is to have to rely on yourself to cook, the cost difference, compared to other colleges, is substantial.  The cost of a dorm at Morrison Tech is $3900, which leaves you with for $7902 for food if you were to compare the average college cost.  That should be enough to feed an army for the 7 full months that you are here. Buying your own food and cooking is a huge savings!

Are you worried about cooking - no need!



At Morrison Tech you  may bring anything that does not have an open flame.  A few suggestions:

Microwave Coffee Maker

Rice Cooker Toaster Oven

Mini Grill Electric Skillet

Electric Kettle Crock Pot

Blender Hot Plate

Pizza Pizzaz Portable Convection Oven

Deep Fryer Instapot

Air Fryer Charcoal Grill (to leave outside)

NO NEED for a mini fridge - each room comes with a full sized refrigerator

A few meal suggestions you can make easily


Scrambled Eggs Pancakes

Oatmeal Overnight Oats

Bacon Breakfast Pizza

Quiche Omelettes


Tacos Steak; yes you can!

Pizza Cookies; on the pizza pizzaz

Chili Roast

Hamburgers Baked Potato/Mashed Potatoes

Baked/Fried Chicken Pasta (Lasagna, Spaghetti, Tortellini…)

Garlic Bread Meatball Sandwiches

Popcorn Cupcakes

Grilled Cheese Frozen Veggies

Frozen Meals Mac & Cheese

Potato Salad Pork Chops

Creme Brulee French Fries

Cheesecake Brownies

Soups (go homemade with the crockpot or instapot)

Nutella & Marshmallow Sandwiches...mmmmmm

As you can see, the days of Ramen Noodles are gone!

Using some of the many appliances that are allowed in the dorms will allow you to save money, eat healthier and eat at anytime of the day; no sticking to cafeteria hours.

Let your imagination run wild!  There is always a way to cook what you want ...remember; do not let your cooking skill deter you, do not become anxious ...because…..