Morrison Tech 2019 Spring Commencement Ceremony

The 79th graduating class of Morrison Tech celebrated their two years of hard work at the commencement ceremony held on Saturday April 27, 2019 in the Parkinson Auditorium. The class of fifty seven students brought a packed house to the ceremony. Students coming from varying states and backgrounds smiled, cheered and shook many hands as they realized that they had closed an important chapter in their lives.

The ceremony featured three speeches delivered by students from each area of study. The students chosen to represent their programs were: Darren Bielema, Mechanical ET, Hunter Littrel, Construction ET and Jasmine Baumbarger, Network Administration.

In addition to the awarding of degrees, several students received additional awards and recognitions:

Wendy Akane Nuñez - Excellence in Building & Construction Technology

Alec Bonnewell - Excellence in Drafting Technology

Michael Herrera - Excellence in Engineering Technology

Darrin Ronald Bielema - Excellence in Mathematics

Andrew M. Seefeld - Excellence in Network Administration

Andrew Robertson - Andrew Robertson - Excellence in Technical Communication

Within minutes, these young adults went from being students to becoming alumni of Morrison Tech. Many of the graduates will start their careers, some as soon as today, while others will continue their education at a 4 year institution.  They will head out to many companies including American Buildings(Nucor), American Health Enterprises, Rotary Airlock, Schebler, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Whiteside County Highway Department. Several graduates will transfer to the University of Wisconsin Platteville, Illinois State University, Florida Polytechnic University…   Upon graduation More than 50% of graduates have already found employment while others are contemplating which job offer to take.

“Every year it is bittersweet to see part of our Morrison Tech family leave. During the past two years you see these young adults arrive wide eyed and nervous, only to walk across the stage as confidant and eager individuals to begin the next chapter of their lives.  Watching these young men and women step out into the real world prepared to tackle anything - leaves us proud and really hits home on how fast life travels. As a college we thank the students and their families for allowing us to be a part of their lives for the past two years.  We are left with many memories that will linger on.” said Mr. Christopher Scott, Morrison Tech President.

Graduates for the May 2019 term:

Summa Cum Laude *** Magna Cum Laude ** Cum Laude *

Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration

Tanner Brainerd from Morrison, Illinois **

Carter Charles from Peru, Illinois

Cedric Escalante from Sterling, Illinois **

Blake Foster from Odell, Illinois

Zachary Furr from Rock Falls, Illinois *

Grant Gockel from Sterling, Illinois *

Cole Robert Grant from Albany, Illinois **

Michael Herrera from Sterling, Illinois **

Chase Allen Keys from Davenport, Iowa **

Cassandra Kolb from Rock Falls, Illinois

Frank Laughner from Orion, Illinois *

Hunter Leigh Littrel from Erie, Illinois

Wendy Akane Nuñez from Chicago, Illinois ***

J'Sondra Mashel Veracini from Rock Falls, Illinois *

Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration

Darrin Ronald Bielema from Morrison, Illinois***

Bailey CR Binder from South Beloit, Illinois *

Devon Jay Parker Bockhop from Cuba City, Wisconsin

Aidan Bollman from Harmon, Illinois ***

Alec Bonnewell from Dixon, Illinois ***

Brexton Flynn from Chadwick, Illinois

Seth Foster from Odell, Illinois *

Jordan Taylor Freet from Byron, Illinois *

David Grande from Sterling, Illinois *

Bryce J. Haertjens from Davenport, Iowa

Jacob Nicholas Heiderscheit form Dixon, Illinois ***

Ethan Howard from Alton, Illinois

Eric M Jackson from Bettendorf, Iowa *

Jonathan Kaufman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina **

Charles M Lange from Morrison, Illinois

Gavin Long from Rock Falls, Illinois

Alex Thomas Lorenz from Coal Valley, Illinois *

Alexander A Olarte from Clinton, Iowa

Keegan Oltmans from Sterling, Illinois

Taylor Jolyn Randall from Clinton, Iowa

Andrew Robertson from Dixon, Illinois ***

Ian Juneau Sheets from Roscoe, Illinois

Brandon Swanson from Rock City, Illinois

Sean M. Weir from Rock Falls, Illinois

Quinten A Woods form Elgin, Illinois

Networking Administration Concentration

Cole Lawrence Anderson from Galena, Illinois

Jasmine Nicole Ann Baumbarger from Bethany, Illinois **

Jacob Merle Hartman from Mt Carroll, Illinois *

Jacob Heaton from Walnut, Illinois

Taylor Kobbeman from Rock Falls, Illinois

Michael A LeVoy from Kankakee, Illinois

Gavin Long from Rock Falls, Illinois

Jacob Matthews from Rock Falls, Illinois

Samuel Raymond from Bloomington, Illinois

Andrew M. Seefeld from Joy, Illinois

Joseph H. Wills from West Brooklyn, Illinois

Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration December 2018

Ethan J. Todd from Maple Park, Illinois

Engineering Technology - Design & Drafting Concentration December 2018

Taylor Shane Ikens from Amboy, Illinois

Cristian Rosas from Sterling, Illinois

Networking Administration Concentration December 2018

Collin James Bland from Morrison, Illinois

Matthew J. Cooper from Dixon, Illinois **