Benefits of a Summer College Visit

Traditionally college visits are planned during the school year.  During the college school year you will get a great vibe of the campus.  Despite the thoughts of many, a summer college visit will give you a very personal visit.  So should you visit colleges during the summer. Yes!

Check out the advantages of a summer visit

  • No missed school. Missing school can affect your grades, especially if you miss something important. Summer college visits mean you won’t have to miss school.
  • Coincide with family vacation. You will already be in town for vacation and you can add it to your list of things to do. Plus, the whole family will get to see the college.
  • Great weather. In many parts of the country, summer offers beautiful weather. You probably won’t have to deal with much rain or snow during a summer visit.
  • Individual attention. Depending on the college, campus tours can be of a large number during the academic year. Summer visits may give you the opportunity to spend more quality time with admission professionals, as well as other administrative offices.

Morrison Tech does not offer summer classes but the campus is always busy and welcomes visitors.  Those visiting during the summer will have a sneak peek at renovations happening on campus for the returning students in the fall.  Time; you will have all the time that you need. Time to ask questions of Admissions; time to spend reviewing Financial Aid with the Financial Aid Office; time to speak to the Dean of Academics regarding class descriptions or possible transfer credits and time to the discuss options with the Business Office.

A typical tour of campus during the summer will find you in the company of the President of the College.  You will be able to have a one on one discussion with him regarding the future for Morrison Tech or something simple like what materials are used in our many 3D printers.  Many times he will lead you on a tour of the Tech Center and the soon to be competed Innovation Center.

A summer tour at Morrison Tech will provide you with a tour that is tailored directly to your needs.

The college will hold Private Tours; Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm and Sunday, 1pm – 6pm

On July 12th the College will host a Visit Day that begins at 10:30.  You may RSVP for both at or by calling the Admissions Office at 815-772-7218 ext. 206