Students Design Brochures for Morrison Businesses

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Students in Jan Drosopoulos’ Computer Systems & Applications class recently used their creativity to design tri-fold brochures for  Morrison Businesses.
The assignment involved using the Microsoft Office Word program and incorporating all of the formatting and functions that were covered in class lecture.

“They did have some parameters, including personally visiting the business and taking a photo of either the owner or themselves in the establishment,” Drosopoulos said. “This hopefully eliminates only using the web for information. I try to do this project each year just to get the students out and involved in the community.”

Class members designed brochures for a variety of businesses, including a bakery, bowling alley, restaurants, golf course, state park and a bar and grill.

As part of the project student teams then explained their brochures to the rest of the class and fielded questions about content and design.