A Parents Perspective On a Morrison Tech Education

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As a Professional Engineer that works with many Morrison Tech graduates I knew they had an outstanding program in the engineering tech field. When my son, Austin, graduated high school he chose to go into my field but more focused on engineering technology. Immediately I thought of Morrison Tech. I knew that what they represented was just what the student received. I knew that their statement of 97% career placement was also true. Austin chose to attend. After graduation from Morrison Tech he chose to go into the workforce and was well prepared. When asked about Austin’s education I was eager to speak up, to give those that are looking at Morrison Tech a parents view of the education you receive. I am also speaking up as an employer of their graduates. I hope what I have to say helps you really see what this college offers. Overall, this is one of the best choices I and Austin have made!

Looking at Austin's education what did you find left him most prepared for the workforce?

Not only am I a parent, but I am a Professional Engineer and knowing that Morrison Institute of Technology was not some run-of-the-mill tech school, it is an accredited program was one of the first items that caught my attention.

As a parent, there were many facets of Morrison Tech that impressed me: low student to teacher ratio, multiple CADD courses, hands-on surveying training and actual materials sampling and testing courses.

How can I ever forget his excitement of them designing, building and launching softballs from their full-size trebuchets (catapults) in their Physics class?

Not every person is meant to attend a 4-year university and not everyone learns by reading a book, yet to succeed in today’s technology driven world, everyone should have some technical training. Morrison Tech provides just that! Hands-on and real-world simulations which prepares them to succeed in a 21st Century technical career.

Where else can a student take semester long hands-on classes in AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit and AutoCAD Civil 3D? Most universities or colleges only offer one of those programs. At Morrison Tech, every Construction Technology student has a semester of AutoCAD, a semester of MicroStation, a semester of Revit and a semester of AutoCAD Civil 3D. With all this taking place in the small campus, there was never an issue of computer stations not being available to complete their assignments.

Let’s not overlook the valuable life skills lessons that Morrison Tech provides their residents. There is not a dining hall, there’s not maid service, fast food is not across the street and Mom’s kitchen is miles away. So, who cooks and cleans for them every day? They do! Which helps prepares these young adults for the real-world!

My personal work experience with Morrison Tech graduates also speaks loudly why to hire from Morrison Tech and why to send your child to Morrison Tech. In 30 plus years of working with Morrison Tech grads, they usually stand out from those who have graduated from most other community colleges.

As an employer, I like to hire graduates from Morrison Tech because the education and the hands-on training they receive while attending Morrison Tech allows even a recent graduate to make an immediate contribution to their work unit. Employers understand that when you hire a recent graduate there is training involved and that is an investment into the employee and your firm. Knowing that a new employee has completed the accredited program (such as Morrison Tech) provides the employer with confidence that the additional training you provide will be comprehended and subsequently utilized.

Is it the hands-on training? Is it the professional interaction with their teachers? Is it the teachers are or were professionals in their fields of expertise? Is it the low student to teacher ratio? Is it the small town hard work pays off mentality? I don’t know, but there’s something great going on in that small campus proudly called Morrison Tech!