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By now the graduates of 2018 have had to time to reflect on the end of their time at Morrison Tech.  Many have had time to settle into new careers, others are planning their transfer to a four-year college to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree.

So now what? The journey for Morrison Tech’s recent graduates does not have to end.  Here are 10 things every new Morrison Tech graduate should know.

Stay in touch

Good news: You now have earned the privilege to participate in Alumni activities and to keep in the know with a recently debuted newsletter.  The college has an exclusive Alumni website to help us keep in touch. Where are you now? Got married? New job? Funny story? Run into any former classmates?  Send it to us – we’d love to hear!

Please be sure to update your contact information today!

Get involved: Alumni groups and networks

Morrison Tech is looking to launch an Alumni Association and we’re looking for board members to get it up and running.  Help us make and track our history by becoming involved. It may be as simple as contacting classmates or as complex as starting up Alumni events.

We can always use mentors on campus. Visit, connect with our students, share your success and knowledge.

Become an Alumni Ambassador.  Share your wisdom of Morrison Tech with your community.

Looking for a job?

Keep in touch with the Morrison Tech Career Center. This new department launched the summer of 2018 and it is not limited to students. The mission of the career center is to provide and assist students and alumni of Morrison Tech with the best available resources for preparing credentials and finding employment.  The office will continually post and alert you of open employment positions. The office will also work with you individually to secure employment. Feel free to reach out for some individualized assistance or to update your contact info. sconnelly@morrisontech.edu

Get your transcripts­­­­­

Many employers will ask to see an official transcript before hiring. Transferring your credits? You will also need an official transcript. You may order your transcripts on our website.    You may also visit the office of the Registrar on campus or contact by phone eat 815-772-7218 ext. 200.

Come home!

The doors are always open to you!  Stop in and see the continuous renovations taking place.  Visit the instructors and staff. They always welcome an interruption!  If the time is right, maybe check out your old dorm room!

Expand our social media presence

The easiest place to stay up to date is through social media.  Join the Facebook Alumni group now!

Gear Up!

Stop by the Admissions office and grab a t-shirt!  You may also order sweatshirts, hats and mugs through Student Government.  Contact Admissions for details at admissions@morrisontech.edu or 815-772-7218 ext. 206